I was seven or eight years old when our family decided to have a fun night out at the circus.  Popcorn, cotton candy, and an evening under the big top!  To be honest, I don’t remember a lot of the details, but I do remember one thing quite vividly.  On the way out, I became separated from the rest of my family.  Once I realized what had happened I retraced my steps, but my Mom and sister were nowhere to be found.  I was lost, which was a pretty scary feeling for a little kid!  I’m grateful that a nearby police officer realized that a young boy shouldn’t be out walking by himself, asked me if I was lost and stayed with me until I was reunited with the rest of my family.

Have you ever felt that way?  Hopelessly lost with no sense of how to get back to where you should be?

Sarah knows the feeling.  She wrote to us recently and said:

“After going through a divorce after 25 years marriage and the passing of my father all within months of each other, I was closed off.  A co-worker introduced me to Life 101.9. I have to say if it wasn’t for your station bringing me out of that place I’m not sure where I would be.”

Sarah was lost.  The circumstances of life led her to place where she didn’t know where to turn.  And just like that police officer who helped me find my way back to my family, Life 101.9 has been blessed to point her in the right direction.  While the music on Life 101.9 won’t fix all of the problems she is facing, having the reminder of that God loves her, even in the middle of the storm, has made all the difference.

Life 101.9 is a listener-supported radio station.  That means it’s friends like you who give to help keep the ministry on their air each day, and we are grateful for each and every gift!  Fall Share, our biggest fundraiser of the year begins September 24th.  When you give before the fundraiser starts, we will make sure you’re entered to win a for King & Country Experience! Tickets to the November 8th concert in Cedar Rapids, meet & greet with the band and dinner before the show at Granite City.  It’s easy to get involved when you call or text the word “GIVE” to 866-515-1019.  You can also give online.

When you give, you are helping to share God’s love with every person in Eastern Iowa.  Thank you for keeping Life 101.9 by getting involved today!

In Christ,

Matt Deane

Station Manager

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