Joel and Luke Smallbone aka: “For King and Country” come to Cedar Rapids in just a few days to showcase their third album “Burn the Ships.” One review calls the record an “epic, sweeping musical landscape that explores themes of new beginnings” and “the most mature version of their band yet.”

I hope you are planning on being with us.

The title track comes from the declaration of a Spanish explorer landing on enemy shores with no promises or guarantees of survival. Committed to the mission, he told his men to burn the ships because retreating was not an option.

A “no retreat” approach to life is what the Church needs. To be reminded of our choice to follow the Master and rediscover the resolve and enthusiasm of “our first love” at a time when Christianity is being written off as narrow and irrelevant will be a welcome time of refreshment for weary souls. We are expecting inspiration, instruction and renewal by our time together and judging by the raving reviews of this concert series, we won’t be disappointed.

If you haven’t made plans yet, come prepared to burn the ships with us on November 8th at the US Center. You can still get tickets here.

Something to think about.

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