We said goodbye to Little Blue last week. We traded in Grandma’s little Toyota after nearly 200,000 faithful miles of trouble free service. It was bittersweet to say the least. We actually thought about keeping her a little longer because she still runs like a top but the timing seemed right to get something with fewer miles and so we took the baby car seat out of the back that has hauled each grandchild around numerous times and traded in “Little Blue.”

Have you ever had a car like that? One that rarely needed anything other than an oil change every 3,000 miles? Most of us have. It’s hard to say goodbye to a car that doesn’t give you trouble. It just gets you where you need to go year in and out.

Thankful for you, Little Blue.

And speaking of faithfulness, I find myself especially thankful for you during this holiday season. (Forgive me for comparing you to our old car. I’m just lacking a scintillating segue this month so this’ll have to do.)

Your friendship and faithful financial partnership month after month allows us to reach out to listeners like Jackie:

‘God’s Not Done With You’ by Tauren Wells came on at just the time when I was feeling down and depressed. I felt that I was of no more use to God. As I really listened to the words of that song it was as if God was telling me that I had worth and a purpose in His kingdom. I realized that in God’s eyes we all have value.

Reminding people of God’s love through uplifting music is what we do, but we couldn’t do it without you. Winter Share starts December 10th. If you haven’t given to Life 101.9 yet this year would you consider making an end of year gift to this radio ministry? When you do, we’ll continue to remind others like Jackie that they too have purpose and worth.

Thankful for you!


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  • Janet J Monk says:

    Hi Tim, we also had a wonderful Thanksgiving, today we got to meet our number 15 Great grandchild, Her name is Zoey and they live in New Hampton. What a blessing we have had with our children, they gave us 12 grandchildren. God is good and he blesses us each day with the reminder that” WE CAN DO ALL THNGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO GIVE US THE STRENGTH TO BE FAITHFUL” So glad to see your grandchildren and they look healthy and happy to be a part of your wonderful family. We also feel His blessings as we continue to be able to live in our own home at age 87 & 85. Now where do the years go ?? Our daughter who is a nurse said just last week , that a person was 35 and she wondered where the years have gone, so as I see it, age is just a number and who knows how many years God will bless us with health to be independent! My sermon for the day, Friends Janet and Donald Monk

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