I remember when World’s of Fun amusement park first opened in Kansas City almost 60 years ago. The first day they opened, they had five – count ’em F-I-V-E – roller coasters. The anticipation of trying each one for the very first time was exhilarating. Riding on all five for the first time was scintillating. Screaming with friends with hands overhead proved that you were a man because you could tempt fate by not holding on.


But through the years, I got older and so did the amusement park. One by one, the roller coasters got less popular and less fun. They also became out of date. The thrill was gone.

Concerned that they were a safety risk, one by one, these rides were replaced by new ones. It took the anticipation of a new roller coaster to rekindle the excitement and thrill of giving my body the same “up and down” sensation as before, albeit with new equipment and technology.

Don’t read too much into this analogy but it feels like my “quiet time” routine with God has the potential of losing it’s thrill. When I first became a believer, I had that “first love” warned by the apostle John that we not lose but as I learned more and more scripture, I found myself losing the thrill of anticipation in my daily experience. Over time, I have learned that it’s good to change it up once in a while. To that end, I am challenging myself to try something new starting this Christmas. If your time with God has lost some of the thrill, I hope you will consider the same.

Something to think about.


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