Need a simple teaching moment this Christmas? Take the kids or grand kids out shopping and when you hear the bell, make a donation to the Salvation Army and tell them the story of how the Army began.

Or if you want to make a bigger impression on those little ones, why not sign up for a two hour shift and ring the bell this year with family members? We’re planning a family caroling event around the red kettle this Saturday as we raise money and awareness of all the Army does to help “the least of these.”

Our grand kids are excited about it and so is Papa 🙂 . It will be a chance for us all to be reminded that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

When we got together over Thanksgiving, we practiced our songs and I think we’re ready but however we sound, it really doesn’t matter. This “performance” is all about exercising our freedom to encourage one another to praise the one who’s birthday we celebrate this month by making a gift to help others. Jesus is after all, the “reason for the season.”

Going shopping soon? In the words of the poet: “…(ask not) for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.”

This Christmas you can ring, you can sing but make sure you generously share your jing. The mission of “the Army” is so worth supporting and telling the next generation about. Let it be a teachable moment that the kids can grow from.

Something to think about.


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