Ireland’s capital city is also it’s fastest growing city. Every year it’s Dublin.

Get it? Doublin’ or Dublin.

Not bad for a little humor to go with my green socks today, huh?

Let’s face it. It’s times like these that we need a little levity. Like telling a good Irish joke or eating a bowl of Lucky Charms with your kids (or grand kids).

So how did you lighten it up for St. Paddy’s day? There were no parades to enjoy so I hope you were creative anyway. Being creative is going to be a necessity as we navigate the social distancing we find ourselves in these days.

May we all commit to “let our light shine” in the days ahead allowing the joy of the Lord to be our strength, OK?

He’s still on the throne. None of this surprised him. None of it.

Something to thing about.

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