What? No basketball. Can’t be. My Jayhawks would have surely gone all the way but now I’ll never know.

If you’re like me, you may be wondering what you’re going to do with yourself these next few weeks.

I was praying with a few of my friends from my church the other day, and it seemed to dawn on us all at once this incredible thought.

“Only God could stop an entire nation from all activity. I wonder what He is up to?”

Then we looked at each other and just smiled.

No, we weren’t blaming God for the Corona virus but his sovereignty is definitely something that we Christians think about often at a time like this. We believe that God is in control of everything of course, and if He wants to slow us all down a bit so we would rethink how we spend our time, that one holy act has a lot of potential, don’t you agree?

Is God allowing all of this just so we would refocus? No one can say for sure. But whether or not “the time gap” from a nation of basketball cancellations is his primary purpose, the phenomenon is definitely a golden opportunity!  If we would just take the time spent normally watching basketball and instead read, or pray, or take time to really listen to our kids with our ears and our eyes, I gotta believe something good could come from that.

So how will you spend your extra time the next few weeks?

Something to think about.

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