Staying involved in the lives of our six grown kids and the lives of their kids is our chief pastime when we’re not working. Ask any grandparent. There’s nothing better.

Did someone say “free babysitting?”

But if we’re not hanging with kids or grand kids, I have found a fun hobby that still keeps me connected to at least part of my family. And I get to play music while doing it, something I love to do.

I won’t keep you guessing any longer. If you didn’t know by now friend, I play in a rock band called “Airwaves.” This spring will mark our ninth year together in Eastern Iowa. OK, can you tell from the picture above, which two of the band members are my sons? Most people tell me it’s pretty easy.

That’s Brett on the far left, Adam in the middle and “yours truly” of course, on the right!  (I’m sorry but if you’re reading this on your smart phone, you’ll need to go to a larger screen like your laptop or desktop and you’ll be able to see all seven of us, or you can click here for some individual pics.) Seriously though, playing in Airwaves has been a great way to do something fun with family members because the band is seven people from three different families.  You may have heard us as because we’ve played at all kinds of festivals, city celebrations, wineries, wedding receptions, etc. Any place that features live music is a good target for our style of music.

Many of my Life 101.9 friends have come out and seen us from time to time when performing around Eastern Iowa and I have mentioned us in my blog in days past so for some this is old news, but for the rest of you, we feature classic rock from the 70’s and 80’s mostly. Everything from the Beatles to Bon Jovi. Occasionally, we’ll throw in a tune from a Life 101.9 artist as well.

I thought I’d give a shout out to the band today and invite you to check us out if you are inclined. In fact, if you’re looking for something to do on a Friday or Saturday night and enjoy live music, consider this your ongoing invitation.

You can “like us on Facebook” to keep up with us. You may also want to give us a listen and check out our show schedule at

And if you decide to come out to one of our gigs, be sure to come up and say “hi”, will ya?

Something to think about.*


*this article was written before the COVID 19 epidemic began. Just like all of us, we plan to resume playing when it is safe to do so. Stay safe until then.

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