If you google the phrase “handwashing in Judaism” you’ll get an explanation of how the Levitical law required several kinds of handwashings by the priest who was responsible for making sacrificial offerings on behalf of Israel. Hand washing references in the book of Leviticus in the Old Testament of the Bible are symbolic, but also the matter of hand washing in the Old Testament was an obvious one.  The removing of dirt from our hands – dirt that is both seen and that can’t be seen is a good health practice.  

And just like today, the high priest did this often thousands of years ago.  

It’s this second kind of dirt especially that we are concerned with as we fight COVID-19.  Here’s my idea, friend. Since we’re learning to hand wash more often, why not make it a spiritual exercise as well and pray every time we wash? 

Your welcome.

This idea first came to me last week when the generous response of our listeners to our Spring Share fundraiser was so inspiring to our staff and to me personally. The number of calls we received, many of them first time givers, and the amazing stories we heard from those who called in are a reminder that we have many listeners/partners in ministry who believe that Life 101.9 has our most significant days right in front of us.

In these days when more and more people are being asked to stay home, we have the opportunity to reach new, formerly unreached people with a message of hope in Jesus. Entire families are looking for safe entertainment options and they may be looking for “good news” in the media when most of the media has little good news to share.

I’m talking about our neighbors. Yours and mine. Real people who may have stumbled across the dial looking for hope. With a radio or perhaps a computer enabled device they’ve recently found us and with their lives virtually shut down, they now have extra time to listen intently, think deeply and respond in faith as they consider life’s deeper meaning.

And did I say they are everywhere? There are probably a few families on your block that are in this moment considering a change in their priorities – from living for self to living for the Savior. Hmmm.  Maybe God is up to something.

Personally, I am considering how I should respond to this greater opportunity in front of us. Here’s what I’ve decided.

I am asking God to help each of us who have a part to play in God’s grand “Kingdom building project” to pray every time we go to the sink in our bathroom or kitchen to wash our hands. The twenty seconds it takes to lather up is just enough time to appeal to God to prepare us for whatever comes next so that with fresh resolve we will be strengthened to serve those within our household while at the same time looking for practical ways to show love to our neighbor.

Now I know you need to keep your distance, but what if you called that man living across the street who has no family. Call him just to see how he’s doing. What if you called the lady next door once each week just before you go to the store reminding her that you’d be happy to pick something up for her.  Who knows? There may be an opportunity to reach out and love well, if we’re ready. Think about it!

So, if reaching out with a phone call or knocking on your neighbors door is a bit scary to you, don’t forget to take a “fear not” pill from the Bible first. (Did you know that the phrase “fear not” is in the Bible 365 times? Once for each day of the year. Hmmm. Isn’t God amazing and so practical!) 

“Fear not. For I am with you.” Isaiah 41:10

OK. I’ve covered a whole lot of stuff here today, but here’s the essence of it.

I’m asking each of us to do four things this month:

  1. Every time we wash our hands, let’s also pray – appealing to God for a pure heart. Ask him to remove from us what we can see and cannot see so that we are prepared for what comes next. 
  2. Ask the Lord to show us how we can better serve those in our household, and in our neighborhoods to the praise of His glory.
  3. Take a “fear not” pill from the Bible each and every day and swallow it, digest it and think about it as we go throughout our day.
  4. Then do whatever He says.

Will you join me in this exercise to see what might happen?

Spring has sprung friend. It’s time to spring into action together, OK?

For the sake of His marvelous Kingdom. 


PS: Be sure to check out this month’s video of the month, “A night of hope with For King and Country” performed live with the band in quarantine. It was powerful. Click on the link at the bottom and prepare to be touched!

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