There is a movie that I watched a few months ago and I am actually watching it again during these strange days we find ourselves in.

You need to know that I almost never watch a movie a second time.

This time around, I’m taking notes because there is a lot to think about.  I also want to do more personal Bible study about the content on my own. The movie is called “The Coming Convergence.” I feel that the movie offers a balanced and reasonable view of certain historic events prophecied in the Bible that have come true, are in the process of becoming true or will sometime in the future. It is unique from other similar movies that I’ve seen in that “The Coming Convergence” adds newly discovered findings that further validate what the Bible refers to as “the Last Days.”

I highly recommend it for mature teenagers and adults although it’s probably too intense for small children. It’s produced by Ingenuity Films and it can be purchased on DVD and Blu-ray. You can also stream it on Amazon Prime as well as other streaming outlets.

Learn more here.

If you’re like many Christians, me included, you’ve become skeptical of such movies because there are differing positions in the Christian community on various aspects of the Last Days including the rapture, the tribulation, etc. The lack of doctrinal continuity even among evangelical Christians begs the question, “Is it possible to even know if we are in the Last Days?”

At the intersection of Biblical prophecy, history and science, The Coming Convergence cuts through the clutter better than most eschatological films available today. If you’re so inclined, I hope you will check it out.  After you’ve watched The Coming Convergence, I can almost guarantee that you will have plenty to think about.

Popcorn anyone?

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  • Stephanie says:

    Hey Kim and Adam,

    I so enjoy your commentary in the mornings!!

    This picture you posted you both must be jumping on Colton’s new Trampoline? Looks like fun wish we had one!

    For King and Country “Joy (Let it Move You)”. Get that old children’s song in your spirit, “I’ve got the JOY JOY JOY JOY down in my heart, WHERE? down in my heart to stay, and I’m so HAPPY so very HAPPY I’ve got the Love of Jesus in my HEART.” Just a little humor.

    Enjoy (Jesus, Others and You).

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