Hello friends! Your schedule may be a bit wonky right now, but we wanted to stay in touch with you, so here are a few of our favorite bits from the Morning Show so far this week. Have a great day, and feel free to reach out to us anytime!

-Kim & Adam
Life 101.9 Morning Show

One Response to "Kim & Adam: morning show clips April 23"

  • Tammi Degener says:

    Loved this little clip and love the morning show. You guys are so funny and with someone with depression we need that. I fortunately belong to a church that checks in on it’s members, have bible studies on Zoom and have meetings on Zoom with the elderly which helps a lot. God does have his had in this. Weather it’s trying to teach us patience or spending more time with Him or just maybe trying to get more believers. He will end this in His own timing like everything else.

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