Do you know why one end of the “V” is longer than the other when geese fly in formation?  

One end of the “V” is longer because it has more geese in it.

Argh, argh, argh, argh

Like that one did you? Actually, there is a very important lesson we can learn from geese and it’s no joke. Curious? As you may have noticed, geese prefer hanging together. They are very communal as birds go. You will rarely see a goose hanging out by himself.

Learn from the geese, my friend. You and I need community too. That goes for pretty much all humans. Introverts included.

In this strange hour we find ourselves in, most introverts if they’re being honest, would probably like more company than they’re getting.

And the extrovert?

We extroverts these days can be found sitting in the WalMart parking lots just to smile at all the masked faces as they walk by.

Been there, done that.

So how are you doing with your “stay at home” recommendations?  Could you use a little more community? Hey, I get it Bro, but I do hope that you’re letting Life 101.9 fill your social cup day by day even if radio listening is not interactive.  Music that uplifts the soul still has a way of reminding us that we’re never alone and we will never be alone. Ever. How cool is that?

OK, so I’ve got one prayer request that I’d like to share. As we press on into the uncertain days ahead, will you pray with me that we would come through this “fiery ordeal” with a changed life? That though we may be physically apart, we may yet be spiritually together asking God to empower us to love better and live better than we ever have before. 

After all, if going back to “normal” means no apparent life change for having been through the fire of isolation, then what was the real value of the isolation? Let’s not let a good trial go to waste. Let’s be different because building His Kingdom is worth it!

May your May days be safe and fun as we begin to love better than we did before COVID.

Here’s to better loving!


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