So often, in my job, I am given the privilege of praying for those who support us, often in critical moments in their lives.  It was something I was not expecting when I first came here nearly a decade ago…yet something that has given me great joy.

Such has been the case during this COVID-19 crisis. As the lockdown period has drawn on, the opportunities for prayer have grown among our Life 101.9 partners and friends. I have tried to check in with many in and around Eastern Iowa during this time and often I have been able to spend a few minutes each day praying with and for people with profound needs and deep hurts. Sickness, economic reversal and trials of all kinds have not been a stranger to us in these days.

In addition to my personal experience, Prayerworks continues to connect us in a ministry of intercession and we thank God for the hundreds of prayer warriors who are standing in the gap for those in need each and every day. If you are looking for more opportunities to pray for those who request it, go to Prayerworks and learn more.

If you are given the privilege of being a prayer partner with someone today, I hope you will make the most of the opportunity to listen, to care and to pray. The trust you’ve been given and hope in the Savior’s deliverance brings certanty during these uncertain times.

Something to think about.

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