I’ve always enjoyed the musical ministry of the band Skillet. There’s something attractive to me about a band willing to push the envelope and do the kind of music they feel called to. In the CCM genre, worship bands and solo artists have dominated the landscape over the past few years. Skillet has recently made an impression with their worship power ballad, “Anchor”. 

Every time the song comes on the radio, I’ve got to turn it up and let Jesus remind me that it is he that keeps me “steady” when I encounter a storm. A “storm” like the COVID-19 stay at home order, for instance. Trusting in anything but him simply doesn’t bring peace.

Check out these lyrics:

Drifting beneath the horizon. Body is weak but I’m trying
To make it to shore, but I’m falling short, I need You more
Wave after wave, I’ve been sinking. So unto Your promise I’m clinging
You say that I’m strong, to You I belong. Keep holding on!
You are my anchor. So steady me, steady me now
You are my anchor. You’re keeping my feet on the ground,
In angry oceans, You’ve never broken through every wave of the storm
You are my anchor. So steady me, steady me now. Come steady me, steady me now!
When I get tired of finding. All of the fears I’ve been hiding
You gave me a breath, and tell me to rest. You never left.
I can, I can, I can hear You, calling me by name. Pulling me up from under my shame
I’ll never be the same. I can face anything, so let it rain.

When God unexpectedly pulls the rug from under us, His loving tug is a reminder that he’s at work to make sure he is our “anchor” and will graciously remind us that just like the disciples with him in the boat, we’ll always be ok. (see Mark 4: 35-41)

Something to think about.


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