A recent study in Sweden showed that a small child was 32% more likely to keep his mask in place for five minutes if it’s a super hero mask. (That number goes up if you “face paint” it on.)

Don’t believe me? Hey, it makes sense right?


OK, I made that up.

Side note:  Just judging by the smiles, I think you can see that Dax’s birthday party was definitely a grand slam home run!

(Did I mention, baseball is back? “Beat the drum, hold the phone. The sun came out today…”)

Listen, it’s been hard to know what to believe from “science” through this whole pandemic thing. One thing that is not hard to believe however that God is at work. As we came down the home stretch in the final weeks of June, our listeners gave generously so that the ministry of Life 101.9 would be fully funded for another year.

And for this, we give thanks!

God is at work through this pandemic in other ways as well. Back in May, I wrote a commentary on John Piper’s “Coronavirus and Christ”that seemed to lead us to this conclusion. Yes friend, God is definitely doing something in these days. You can take it to the bank. Believe it!

I don’t know about you but I find the adventure quite exciting. It’s easier to enjoy when we remember that those who place their trust in Jesus have nothing to fear. Nothing. As the song says, “Fear is a liar!” We can face each day with hope, joy and peace because, like our boys “Rack, Shach and Benny” in the book of Daniel, Jesus is in the fire with us.

This is why Life 101.9 exists, when you think about it. To remind you that you’re never in the fire alone. Uplifting music that changes lives is there to encourage you come what may.

So as we climb into August, I hope you will keep practicing the good habits we’ve been told to practice. Wear a mask (plain is fine, no cool logos required), keep your distance and remember to pray for our country, especially our leaders, and pray for our schools. Finally, take Life 101.9 with you wherever you go. Make sure you download the free app if you haven’t yet.

Thanks a bunch. Enjoy your August!


PS: And thanks to all of you who have been praying for our schools. If you haven’t prayed yet, would you pray right now? Just click here. It takes less than two minutes.

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