When I drove by Taft Middle School, it was a reminder to me to stop and pray for our schools. Will you take just two minutes and join me?

After we prayed last week, I had several of you tell me that you have sons, daughters and other relatives that are teachers. If you know anyone that’s a teacher or works at a school in any capacity, feel free to send this link along to them and let them know we’re praying for them.

And if you prayed just now, would you send me an email and let me know?  You can just put “prayed” in the email body to let us know you’re standing with us. Thanks so much.


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  • Susan Fletcher says:


  • Gayle Kelley says:

    Wonderful idea, Tim! My daughter teaches at Linn-Mar High School and my grandson will be a third grader at Indian Creek. I have also prayed for the students and staff at Taft! Keep on praying. The decisions that parents and staff have to make is overwhelming! God is in control of everything! 🙏😊

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