My grandkids are my favorite superheros of today. I have so much hope for them.

But if I had to pick a superhero in the Old Testament, I might be inclined to pick a little known character whose entire life was summed up in two brief verses. I’m talking about a man named Jabez. I pray that my grandkids will grow up to learn his secret.

Can I give you the backstory?

Few books have been as revolutionary for me personally as the Prayer of Jabez. Released in the year 2000, this little book sold 9 million copies in just two years. I bought the book the year it first came out, read it and it changed my life.

Bold statement, huh? Are you convinced, or are you a bit skeptical figuring I must be exagerrating?

It’s always interesting when I mention the book to Christian friends. The “convinced” and the “skeptical” are the two different reactions I get.

When I first mention it to those who like me, have read this little book and made it a practice to pray the prayer, a smile will come to their face immediately.  We will usually rave about it to each other and being like minded, share a moment together about how Jabez changed our prayer life. Those who haven’t read it give me a look of skepticism as though no book could possibly have the kind of impact that author Bruce Wilkinson promises and avid readers say, delivers.

Well, I must admit that after praying the prayer from 1 Chronicles for years, I got distracted as I sometimes do in life and somewhere along the line, lost the habit of praying “The Prayer” daily.

But I’m back now. I checked out the book from the library a few weeks ago, read it again and once again, it has already delivered on it’s promise.

I guess you could say Jabez has returned to me, or I to him. In any case, I’m praying the prayer every day and I’m excited to see how God will use it in my life.

Curious? I’m not going to spoil it for you by trying to explain it. But if your curious enough, I hope you will at least get the little book and read it. Pray the prayer and watch what happens next.

Have you forgotten about the impact this little book made in your life? If so, this might be a good time to welcome Jabez back into your life.

Something to think about.

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