You know those questions that you need to answer in order to gain access to a website for an extra layer of security? You get to pick two or three out of several that you are sure to know the answer to.

One of the ones I always choose is the name of my first pet. I mean, how could I forget the name of my first dog? (Although, I could easily forget the name of my first cat but I never had a cat.)

OK, I know what you’re thinking and I do not hate cats. (Unfortunately however, they do make me sneeze, but I digress.)

Anyway, I loved that dog. A border collie named Mickey. We got him when I was three and I hung with that dog constantly through my early years. I’ll never forget him.

It appears as though my grandson Dax will remember his first dog with great fondness too. He even plays with him in his cage. Say hello to “Snowball” the newest member of our family. Snowball is a three year old bishon who’s already perfectly house trained. What a deal!

And Dax loves him!

Clearly, when Dax opens his first savings account, he’ll have an easy time remembering the answer to his first security question because he’s now the proud owner of the cutest ball of fur he’ll never forget. “It snow wonder” they call him Snowball.

Something to think about.


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