Does your family have a birthday “season” – a stretch of just a few weeks where it seems like someone has a birthday every week to ten days?

We do. It starts in the second half of September and goes into November. No better time to get the family together than birthday cake, right?

We celebrated my son’s birthday with cake and several highly competitive games of croquet in the back yard. But you want to know my fav birthday moment of the past few weeks?

It was my grand daughter singing happy birthday to her momma a few weeks ago. I’ve been waiting to share it with you. In the famed words of a MasterCard commercial, it was…


A belated thank you for the birthday wishes! Now, in honor of daughter's day, here's a little video of the highlight from my last weekend.

Posted by Sally Calcara-Roos on Friday, September 25, 2020

Good times!

Something to think about.

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