If you’re like me, you’re “prone to wander” as in the words of the old hymn. So have you ever figured out what causes you to wander?

I have and though there is a list I could make of the “ways I wander”, there is one big thing that causes me to stray from The Rock more than anything else. It’s simply “distracted-ness”. I get distracted easily from walking in the Spirit. It seems to be the devil’s greatest tool against me. I can be hyper-focused on Kingdom living and seeking it first one day, almost forgetting about Jesus the next and for no good reason. I can flash a super-spiritual and humble persona on Monday but be coarse, tepid and something less than “godly” on Tuesday. Sad, but true.

Quite possibly, you can relate and have the same challenge.That’s why I love the ministry of Life 101.9. The message of hope in God’s word sung about by our musical artists is “rock solid” not subject to the winds of change.

Of course there are more ways to lose our way than just being distracted. But once again, that’s why we’re here no matter why you wander. To remind listeners that God is still on his throne and his very great love is real and can be counted on no matter what tomorrow holds is the ministry of Life 101.9.

As a wise man once said, “We may not know what our future holds, but we do know who holds our future!”

This week we’ll be celebrating “Jesus the Rock” during Winter Share and we invite you to join us. If you haven’t yet, would you consider your most generous gift to keep this ministry strong and thriving?  Thanks to all of you who faithfully support us so we can be there as a reminder of God’s love and faithfulness day after day.

And thanks for praying with us for a successful share this week.

Have a joy-filled December!


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