As we contine to celebrate the Christmas season, I thought this video would be a blessing. Rich Mullins was an amazing artist. For those of us old enough to remember him, you know what I’m talking about.


4 Responses to "My Deliverer"

  • Dixie Estrem says:

    Truly fits the season. Been awhile since I heard this. Powerful lyrics. And yes, our deliverer is returning.

    1. timcalcara says:

      Amen Dixie! Our deliverer is returning. On this we put our hope.

  • LouAnn Yacoub says:

    wow I havent heard this in a long time and it brought tears to my heart and eyes. Surely a message we all need to hear now, Thanks for sharing it with us.

    1. timcalcara says:

      This song brings tears to my eyes too, LouAnn. If we ever needed our Deliverer to “stand by” it’s now. Glad it was a blessing to you. Tim

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