I like what one of our listeners said in an email recently:

“The politics and the pandemic can be so overwhelming to hear about all the time. Life 101.9 is like a breath of fresh air!  I’ve listened every single day since I found you a month ago.”

Wow! I couldn’t agree more. I think all of us benefit by the “fresh air” of uplifting music. When the news seems hopeless, there’s always Good News to keep us encouraged. Did you know that that’s what the word gospel means? It means “good story” or “good news.”

Being reminded day by day of God’s great love for us is as easy as turning the radio to 101.9 or playing Life 101.9 on your smart speaker, smart phone or other device.

Notice how she said that she has “listened every single day (for over a month)?”

From time to time, we invite listening friends to take the 30 day challenge. To listen every day for 30 days and see what happens.

If pandemic news and politics have got you distracted, why not try the 30 day challenge for yourself? Listen every day for a month, and see what God does.

Something to think about.

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