As Christ followers,  we are given the privilege of participating in worthy investments of our time, talent and our treasure. Sometimes we give to bless others. Other times, we are on the receiving end. Here are a few examples:

Time – With Easter season upon us, I know of many who are taking extra time for blble reading and meditation. Time well spent to get to know Jesus a little better.

Talent – Think of all the charities that are blessed by those who will volunteer their talents to keep them running smoothly. Worthy investments to be sure.

Treasure – Those of you who provided a cash donation providing a warm bed to a homeless person during Share the Love a few weeks ago was truly a worthy investment of your treasure.

Permit me to brag on one of my Life 101.9 collegues who is making a worthy investment of his time and talent to bless married couples. Adam Hannan with his wife Christina are co-hosting a brand new Life 101.9 podcast called “Forefront”. They’ll discuss everything from child rearing to finances and give you some advice that will improve your relationship. It’s practical, fun and thought provoking. You can listen to an episode or two by clicking the link below.

Check out Forefront here

Every time I listen to Life 101.9, I experience first hand how God can work through the messages in the music. Then, I hear about stories like the following from Joan. It’s emails like these that are so encouraging:

I have listened to your station off and on over the years, however, with the state of our world I did a self-challenge. I challenged myself to put all my radios, car included, on your station vowing that I would listen to you ONLY for 10 days.  Needless to say I am ADDICTED TO YOU! I have you on at work also and have withdrawal symptoms when I am away from it!  Thank you for all you do to uplift my spirits at all points and in all places of my life!!

Thanks for your ongoing investment to keep listeners like Joan, blessed and uplifted. You truly are changing lives. March forward Christian soldier! Spring will be here before you know it.

Marching with you,


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  • Janet J Monk says:

    Hi Tim, so far all is going well for the Monk’s, next week we get our second shot for Covid, then we hope in maybe two weeks we can go back to our church for Sunday church service, Been a long spell, but we are trying to be safe and we have a daughter who is a nurse and she kind of watches over us!! We are blesse3d with our family. Janet (and Don)

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