Actor Denzel Washington gave an inspiring speech to a class of graduating seniors. Perhaps you will find it motivating for you as well.



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  • TJK15 says:

    Ive had so Many ideas. Have a idea for a company but its nothing i would know how to start. A way of helping others capable. Of. Doing many things always enjoyed helping people with anything outside. Just started to not like being stuck inside working in a hospital but i still enjoyed talking and goofing off with the elderly even making sure they used their manners but of corse did it in a nice way to make them laugh. Had good times. And bad times in life ive been up and ive fallen back but also back ahead i dont try to down people or judge yes ive fallen short yes ive snapped yes im not perfect but life has been intense and i know. God has always been there for me no matter what. And i know my mother watched over me in certain situations. Before she passed i know she told my aunt she was worried about me . Before she gave birth to me she even thought i would be born a fish if i was to be born in kansas. And in the 2nd grade i taught myself to swim in a dream. Ive always been a fan of water. I could go on about some of my. Life situations and you may think its a movie. But god can make anything happen. Im not a good speaker up on stage but i can speak well when in the mood around small groups as long as they dont act like they are judging. I tend to feel vibe. If i had to do a school paper well nope good luck youd think it caMe from a 3rd grade drop out. Bc when i writer. Whats on my mind it flows. I dont do well when told what to do. Im A complicated alpha visionary fairy tell like cinderella who broke her glass slippers.

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