We’ve all had those “What if?” questions throughout life.  They tend to creep up at the worst times and often make us doubt ourselves.

But let me remind you of this, “what if’s” go both ways. That’s what a friend of mine reminded me recently. I was talking to my friend about something and asking for advice.  He asked me what are your concerns.  So I shared all of the “what if” thoughts I had. He immediately responded saying that all of those “what if” thoughts go both ways.

What if I fail? – What if I succeed!?

What if I’m not good enough? – What if I am amazing!?

What if I can’t do it? – What if I can!?

What if I am not ready? – What if this is exactly what God is calling you to!?

So when you’re feeling a case of the “what if” thoughts coming on.  Remind yourself,  “what if’s” go both ways!