The short answer is…yes. But I can’t say exactly when, although I have some ideas.

How’s that for an answer?

It’s been traditional each year for Life 101.9 to have a concert to warm us up when the temps dip below bearable and everyone’s feeling a little bored. Usually this happens sometime between mid-Jan and mid-Feb every year.  Last year it happened on Feb 9th when Newsboys United teamed up with Mandisa for a wonderful evening of praise and worship. The pandemic put the brakes on concerts six weeks later and we haven’t had one since.

But cheer up, my friend. I have it from a reliable source that a few things, concert-wise, might be brewing in 2021. We’ll see. I’m so ready. How about you?

And speaking of ways to warm up when the temps dip,  here’s how we used to cool off in a hot car when it was cold outside. (That’s not quite the same thing I know, but stay with me. I’m setting you up. The next two paragraphs are basically random drivel but it’ll get better. I promise.)

When I was a kid, we used to play a game while riding in the car called “Freeze Out.” Typically this game is played when the temps are freezing or below. We would all roll down our windows, turn off the car heater and be quiet as we cruised down the highway. (You’ve got to go at least 60 mph to have the desired effect). We would drive in silence until teeth chattering could be heard from somewhere in the vehicle. The first guy to complain loses.

There you have it. The game of Freeze Out is definitely one way to overcome winter boredom, albeit briefly and painfully. On this frigid afternoon, I have been wondering what a friendly game of “Freeze Out” might feel like right now? I don’t think I want to know. Did I say I’m bored?

With these cold temps the past week or so, I feel like we’re “locked down” again. Except it’s not COVID-related, it’s weather-related. But despite the temps, I’m trying my best to keep truth in front of me. God is with us. Yes, very near to us – see Romans 10:8. Pandemic or not, in sickness or in health, above freezing or below zero, even when we get bored, he doesn’t change. And he’ll visit us in amazing ways if we’ll make room for him just when we least expect it.

How about if I prove it by giving you a “winter warm up” from heaven right this minute? –  a fun song from Newsboys United to get you into the concert mood. You ready?

Let’s do it. This is Michael Tait, Peter Furler and Newsboys United at the Dove Awards in the fall of 2018. They did this song at the Paramount last February, remember? Turn up your speakers and let’s reminisce together.

Concerts are coming back sometime I promise. I can’t wait. 🙂

Something to think (and smile) about.

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