What is the Church doing to address mental health? What COULD the Church be doing to address mental health?

Adam, from the Life 101.9 Morning Show, recently spoke with Jake Hering and Aaron Culley from the brand new Candeo Counseling Center in Cedar Falls.

Interview – Candeo Counseling Center

The Candeo Counseling Center exists to foster a culture of care in the Cedar Valley and beyond by providing Christ-centered, clinically-informed counseling, consultation, and training.

If you or a loved one would like to speak with a licensed counselor or therapist, you can call the them at 319-255-5660, or find them at candeocounseling.com.

2 Responses to "Addressing mental health"

  • amy Carter says:

    I think mental health needs to be discussed more in the world on TV on the radio there needs to be more of an awareness of it people need to understand it more I personally deal with anxiety and depression I’m ashamed of it I’m not ashamed of it but I almost feel ashamed of it because the world makes me feel ashamed of it

    1. Christina Esser says:

      People will always find fault in you when they’re not happy with themselves..also,it’s not their battle so they’ve no idea of what a struggle it is just to get up and breathe in the morning. Listen, having gone through the mental illness “struggles” for 30years of my life..Jesus is the only way that I’d be able and sane right now. Not to say that I’m without struggles in this world in fact I just lost my little brother to an 8year battle with seizures..he was my everything and other half in some ways..Thank God for his mercy and grace,bc I wouldn’t have even tried to go through that without him and bc of him I made it through and came out stronger for it. Mental illness is just that,like any other illness except for one major factor. It’s your brain that isn’t healthy and if it’s not healthy then you aren’t healthy. Be good to yourself and remember that people and words are just that and you can’t be hurt by them because they come mostly out of ignorance on the subject..not to sound cheesy,but give Jesus the wheel-COMPLETELY over your life. I can promise you that it won’t happen overnight but it will begin to get better and easier with every prayer truly from the heart. Please take care, all my prayers are with you your friend in christ, Christina

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