I love to read.  Whether I’m studying the Bible, or just reading the latest biography, non-fiction, travel, sports or leadership book on my list, I can’t get enough!  I didn’t always love to read, but my wife Jenny is a voracious reader and through her love of reading I found that I really enjoyed it too!

Depending on the season, I have two places in our home that I love to dig into a good book.  If it’s cold outside, you’ll probably find me in “my spot” on our couch, perhaps under a warm blanket or with a cup of coffee in my hand.  When the weather warms up, though, I love spending time reading on our deck with the sounds of nature as the perfect soundtrack to whatever book I am digging in to.  I enjoy both spots because they allow me to relax and feel comfortable.

It’s my hope and prayer that you would describe your time with Life 101.9 in the same way.  Our team works hard each day so that when you turn on Life 101.9, you have that same feeling of comfort, along with a healthy dose of encouragement and reminders of God’s love.  Life 101.9 is listener supported, and when you give, you’re allowing us to share hope with new listeners like Craig, who said…

“I’m new to the area. I was scanning and you guys were playing a song I had just heard in church the day before. Since that day I’ve listened to Life 101.9 every day in my work van.  I love the music, the messages and mostly that I can turn it on and hear a song that I needed to hear in that moment! It’s just incredible!”

Life 101.9’s Spring Share fundraiser kicks off on March 23rd, but could I ask that you make your gift today?  Your early support helps us get off to a good start, and it also enters you to win our $1,000 Slumberland Spring Spruce Up!

Make your gift to keep Life 101.9 strong!

Comfort, hope, peace in the midst of a storm.  Whatever the reason you come to Life 101.9 each day, your generous gift will help keep the ministry strong and get us one step closer to our budget goal.  Thanks for your support!

In Christ,

Matt Deane

Station Manager

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