Most of us have had the experience of going through something that seemed like a really bad thing. Not only was it painful emotionally or physically, but it seemed cruel, even evil. Then we walked away wondering why that had to happen. We might even have said something like, “What possible good could come from something as bad and as cruel as that?” Then fast forwarding five years or so, we totally reversed our opinion, saying, “I didn’t understand it all then, but now I see that what happened was a very good thing, dare I say, a necessary thing!”

Such was the experience of the disciples. Upon experiencing the death of Jesus, their leader and friend, they were bewildered, surprised and dejected. “It wasn’t supposed to end like this”, they might have said. “He was going to free us from Roman oppression and remove our scourge of suffering.”  I can almost hear their groaning, can’t you?

Yet, in a reverse of perspective, the disciples soon learned that Jesus’ cruel death gave us a good picture of the evil of sin. Jesus didn’t just die. He was mocked and spit upon, rejected by his friends, suffered a humiliating beating, made to carry his own weapon of execution before being crucified for no reason at all. Jesus did that for all of us so that we could understand that our sin is evil and rebellios; a cruel rejection of the life that God offers. Sin must be punished thoroughly and indeed it was. He took the punishment that we all deserved.  The first Good Friday was indeed a good day, because it set up the miracle that would come a few days later, yea the very reason we have reason to celebrate. It was a good day!

Something to think about.


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