For King & Country’s Relate 2021 Fall Tour stopped at the Alliant Energy PowerHouse on November 13, 2021, and the community was able to join them on their mission to bring hope to those in need.

The band, which is based out of Nashville, is quite literally a band of brothers. Luke and Joel Smallbone, who were born in Australia, were always destined to make music. Their father was an entertainment manager, and he moved their family to Nashville in the early 1990s to dive deeper into the music industry.

Joel and Luke moved into the music industry first by singing backup and then by performing music as a humble grassroots duo. They changed their name to “for King & Country” and first gained attention in the music industry in the early 2010s. Some of their most well-known tracks are “The Proof of Your Love,” “Fix My Eyes” “Priceless,” “Shoulders,” “God Only Knows,” and their latest song “Relate.”

As their career progressed, for King & Country won four GRAMMYs , 10 Dove Awards, a Billboard Music Award, and many more awards. The band is one of the most widely recognized names in contemporary Christian music and has broken into mainstream media several times.

But these accolades have not distracted the duo from their ultimate goal: bringing glory and honor to God.

The two brothers chose to pursue music not for their own personal gain but to chase the kingdom of God, hence the name “for King & Country.” This dedication to their faith is clearly visible in the lyrics the band writes and in the way Joel and Luke steward the band’s profits.

The band has donated ticket profits and other resources to numerous charities. Attendees of the Relate concert at the Alliant Energy PowerHouse had the opportunity to join for King & Country in their efforts to provide for people in need of winter clothing.

The Smallbone brothers have empathy for those living through difficult times. This is because of their dedication serve Jesus, but it’s also because they know what it’s like to struggle.

When Luke and Joel were five and seven years old, a tour that their father, David Smallbone, was managing got canceled. David was offered a job in the United States, and their family moved to Tennessee from Australia. But only two months after they’d settled in this new country, David lost that job as well. The family lost all they had.

At the time, Joel and Luke’s parents were expecting their seventh baby, and they were living in an unfurnished home with no vehicle. But God had not abandoned them. God inspired their  neighbors from the Nashville area to show the family kindness and generosity. Their neighbors gave the family a vehicle, furniture, and money for medical bills.

Their family made it through because people showed them love. And now, for King & Country supports Nashville Rescue Mission. The band believes in the organization’s mission to create a supportive community for the homeless people of Nashville that will make a tangible difference in their lives.

Now that the brothers are grown and have become prominent names in the contemporary Christian music community, they use their careers as a tool to impact people. For King & Country’s Christmas tour, A Drummer Boy Christmas, began touring in late November.

The band partnered with Compassion International to encourage concert-goers to sponsor children in need. These children aren’t able to advocate for themselves, so the band wanted to advocate for them. When fans committed to sponsoring a child through Compassion International, they had the opportunity receive two free tickets to A Drummer Boy Christmas.

The Smallbone brothers use their musical talents as well as their acting, directing, and producing skills to spread awareness for causes close to their hearts. In 2016, Joel and Luke made the indie film, Priceless, along with their father, David, and their brother, Ben.

The movie, which contains heavy subject matter, was born from the family’s desire to support women and spread the message that every person is priceless in God’s eyes. The film centers around the theme of human trafficking—a subject that brings the idea of personal worth into sharp relief. The story follows James Stevens, played by Joel Smallbone, as he fights to free a young woman from the grips of human trafficking.

The brothers created the film to draw attention to the problem that many women have faced throughout history: the idea that their worth is found in their bodies. The brothers want people to understand just how much they are worth at a time when many people struggle to find worth in their identities.

The purpose behind the project was to raise awareness for human trafficking and to express the truth that each individual person is invaluable to God, who created us in His image.

For King & Country’s genuine heart for others is also shown in the way the band engages with fans. Alongside the band’s own generous giving, Joel and Luke encourage fans to join them in sharing with those who need it most. This shifts the focus from the band to Joel and Luke’s goal: creating music to further a mission much larger than themselves.

This was exciting news for Life 101.9, because we got to be a part of it! Those who joined us at the Alliant Energy PowerHouse on November 13 to see for King & Country in concert had the opportunity to donate pairs of brand-new socks and gloves for the Salvation Army.

Here in Iowa, we’ve experienced the extreme cold of winter, and we know how important these items are for warmth and safety. This cause is dear to our hearts, and we were so grateful to join for King & Country in their mission to help show the warmth of God’s love to His people.

Keep an eye out for future for King & Country events—you might have the opportunity to be a part of something even bigger than an amazing concert.

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