What are you supposed to do when it’s insanely hot outside? Going outside feels like launching yourself into a battle against a terrifying enemy, especially when it seems like there’s nothing fun to do. And normal summer activities aren’t always an option when it’s over 90 degrees outside. So what can you do when it’s so warm? We’ve got a few ideas.

  1. Bake cookies in your car. Yes, it’s true. You can actually bake cookies inside your car. Our very own Adam Hannan tested this urban myth this very week, and it worked! Give it a try with your favorite cookies and your own car. Just place the baking sheet with the cookie dough inside your car near a window (on the dashboard is a good spot), and let the sun do the rest.
  2. Try some science experiments with ice. Everyone—and everything—seems to be melting when it’s so hot outside, even the ice cubes in the water bottle you just took out of the fridge. So why not make an experiment out of it? First, get some ice cubes of various sizes. You could grab some ice from the freezer, or you could make your own by putting water in an ice cube tray or filling cups with water and sticking them in the freezer for a few hours. Then, engage the scientific brains of your kids and spouse and have everyone guess how long they think it will take each piece of ice to melt when it’s exposed to the hot sun. Then, go outside and test it!
  3. Go to waterparks. Waterparks are always a fun option. Luckily, there are some waterparks in our city of Waterloo (how ironic). Some options include Lost Island Themepark and Waterpark and The Falls Aquatic Center. But if going somewhere isn’t an option, you can still stage a good old-fashioned water balloon fight or create an obstacle course in your yard with sprinklers, hoses, and more.

The extreme heat doesn’t have to kill your fun. We hope these options help you and your family become victors against the high temperatures.

Looking for other fun things to do this summer? You can visit us at the Cedar Rapids Downtown Farmers Market, see CAIN live in concert on July 13, or see for King & Country on July 15!

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