You’ve probably heard the phrase, “practice makes perfect.”  This young man has some great questions about what you’re practicing!

What Do You Practice

9 Responses to "What do you practice?"

  • I would like to listen to this video after hearing it on the radio this morning, but it says it’s unavailable.

    1. aahannan says:

      Thanks for letting us know. The original video seems to have disappeared, but we posted the audio here for you. Have a great day!

  • Anita says:

    I tried listening to this audio clip. But it cuts off the rest of the message after 57 seconds. Is there a continuation?

    1. Pete Berg says:

      Sorry about that! It should be working properly now.

  • Tina Lampe says:

    Loved this audio clip this morning on my way to work. Thank you!

  • Mary Corbin says:

    Very nice song Love the harmonizing but mostly love the message !

  • Carol Mallory says:

    I try to be a better person daily and shine for God

  • Robyn R Carman says:

    I’m supposed to fill out a form so I can receive a gift in appreciation of being a member of the Music team but I went to the link that was in the Email sent from Jenn Pooler and there was no form that I was supposed to fill out.

    1. amwinterscheidt says:

      Good Morning Robyn,

      I’m sorry you are having issues with the link to the form. Are you trying to access it from your smart phone or from a desktop computer? If it would be more helpful, you can call me at 319-296-1975 and we can work through it. Alison

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