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Grounded in Faith

2020 – a year of “vision”

No doubt, the one liners about 2020 being a year of vision or some similar quip have met your purview by now. Quips aside, just the fact that it’s 2020 is amazing to me.  Just yesterday it seems, I was buying this fireplace insert to keep the family from freezing should the dawn of a new millenium trigger a failed power grid. Now…


Guilty as charged

We might as well face the truth. Guilty as charged, not one of us is going to pass through judgment before God without a full repayment of the debt we owe. I was reminded of this fact the other day when I received a traffic citation for speeding. Cruising through a school zone at 45 mph is a recipe to get pulled over and I did. I don’t…


Be yourself

A ladybug isn’t who she really is. She’s my granddaughter but on Halloween, she was pretending to be a ladybug. You gotta admit. She’s pretty cute! Kids love to play dress up. That’s the attraction of Halloween. That and free candy, of course.  (Disclaimer: at 15 months, little Celestine doesn’t…

Don’t despise small beginnings

If Bert Bell were still alive today, he’d be surprised to see how the game that he helped launch over 70 years ago has changed. Bert Bell was the commissioner of the National Football League from 1946 until 1959. According to Wikipedia, “he helped make the NFL the most financially sound sports enterprise and preeminent…


Rainy days and Mondays

(I wrote this post on a rainy Monday morning this week. You probably can’t tell it by this picture, but the flowers on our back deck were getting quite drenched at the time.) A popular song by the Carpenter’s taught us that “Rainy Days and Mondays ALWAYS get me down.” The song came out in 1971, the year I graduated…


A life of joy

My mom-in-law went home to glory last week. We celebrated her life at her funeral a few days ago. While her legacy is fresh on my mind, permit me to share with you about a lady who for nearly a half a century, really left her mark on me. Hers was indeed, a life well-lived! Her attitude was like an ice cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day.…



I am a baseball fan. Always have been. I guess I came by it naturally. My dad was a fan and his love became mine. As I think about it, there have been several rule changes to regulate the game and keep it competitive at the major league level. There was a time when pitchers had an edge over hitters and so rule makers lowered the pitcher’s…

With liberty and justice for all

This week we celebrate the birth of our country. A nation that was conceived on the principles of freedom and personal responsibility to do right, no matter the cost. We have not always acted in the noblest of fashion. Many times we have fallen short of the platform set forth by our founding fathers but by the grace of God, most of the…


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