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Parenting styles: There’s one for everybody

Recently, we had some friends over for dinner. They came with their clan that mixed with our clan and a glorious time was had by all…until one of the boys decided to send a chair down the stairs with our little angel on it.  She survived without being battered or bruised, and his parents took him to task for his carelessness. As I thought…


Beyond bunnies: Helping kids visualize the hope of Easter

Redemption, sacrifice, death and resurrection.  These are tough subjects for a faith-filled grown up to wrestle with at times.  No wonder Easter seems more focused on chocolate bunnies and colored eggs when it comes to our kids.  Maybe you struggle with ways to illustrate the impact of Christ’s willful walk to the cross…


"Yikes! My child was rude!!”

The chances are great that every parent reading this blog has, on occasion, been embarrassed by the rude behavior of their child. From time to time, your children will interact with adults who are not in their lives on a regular basis, especially during holidays and vacations.  Now is a good time for a little proactive training and…

Are your kids getting enough sleep?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, American teenagers require about 9-1/4 hours of sleep a night, yet only 8 percent of them are getting it. A recent study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health found that as much as two-thirds of high school students get less than seven hours of sleep nightly. You might be wondering…

When being a “good” mom goes bad

We all have those decisions to make…are we going to lead or follow?  As adults it is a bit easier to not follow the crowd, we can logically think it through…usually!  But what about when it happens to your child?  Have they had that moment yet where they have to choose if they are going to lead or follow? It starts early…


Is chivalry dead?

Are you raising a Chivalrous boy?  Chivalry was the first word that came to my mind as my husband and I opened a letter from a young man. It was a letter simply asking my husband permission to take my daughter to an event that would be coming up at school.  From the start of the first sentence through the end of the letter, I bet I said “aw…


Sometimes it’s OK to be a “bad” parent

No, your children are not going to suffer from lifelong feelings of neglect, which will prevent them from becoming the next President or brain surgeon or great NFL quarterback, simply because you had a day where you were just too exhausted and you let them watch Sponge Bob all afternoon. Hyperbole is maybe the biggest battle we face…


Evaluating the situation

Kendra – I taught school for several years before we started our family.  Each year the principal would come into my classroom to evaluate how I was doing.  The visit consisted of observing a lesson or two and scrutinizing my bulletin boards and lesson plans. After the evaluation I received feedback and learned ways I could…

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Skillet’s John Cooper on losing faith

Recently I learned of a 36 year-old mom in our neighborhood who died. Unexpectedly. Her family is emptied. Earlier this year I lost my grandpa and uncle in close, unexpected succession. One week a part. My 4 year old poked my grandpa’s cheek as she tried to understand how he could be there in the casket, but so utterly not there. That…

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