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Contest rules

The following are General Contest Rules for Life 101.9 KNWS (herein listed as “Life 101.9.”) In the following rules, Life 101.9 refers to the University of Northwestern in St. Paul, MN, which owns Life 101.9.


  1. Depending on the contest, entry for Life 101.9 contests can be made via phone (866-515-1019), via web (Life1019.com), via Facebook (www. com/Life101.9KNWS), via text, via e-mail club or in-person via Enter to Win.
  2. Valid entries must include first and last name and all contact information on an official entry form.
  3. Life 101.9 permits (1) winner/qualifier per household/family per (30) days.
  4. Solely at the discretion of Life 101.9, a prize may be transferred to another person (while the original winner will still be listed as having won the prize) or a prize of similar value may be substituted. Otherwise, prize(s) awarded are non-negotiable and non-exchangeable.
  5. Entrants must live within the physical broadcast area of Life 101.9 and/or its translators.
  6. No purchase or donation is necessary to win a contest by Life 101.9.
  7. When calling the Life 101.9 studios, you assume your call may be broadcast and/or recorded and give permission for Life 101.9 to utilize the call or broadcast for later use.
  8. In contests whereby the telephone is the primary means of entry, person operating the phones at Life 101.9 shall have final decision in naming contest winner.
  9. Life 101.9 has no liability due to failure of phone equipment, phone network, or any other breakdown in telephone communication.
  10. In contests whereby the internet (email or web page entry form) is the primary means of contest entry, Life 101.9 has no liability due to failure, misdirection, or any other breakdown of internet communication.
  11. As a winner on Life 101.9, you understand and consent that your voice, image, or likeness may be used in the future for promotions, broadcast, or on the internet.
  12. Life 101.9 reserves the right to disqualify any contestant if they are found to be in violation of the contest rules.
  13. Employees of University of Northwestern, spouses, immediate family members of, and any persons involved in providing the prizes are not eligible to participate in or win any contests or giveaways on Life 101.9.
  14. Employees of any media of mass communication within 100 miles of Life 101.9 and their families are not eligible to participate in or win any contests or giveaways on Life 101.9.
  15. Neither Life 101.9 nor its employees shall be held liable for any damage, claim, or injury from any contest or prize awarded from a contest.
  16. Entry into a contest will imply agreement with said rules and regulations.
  17. In the instance of a tie, Life 101.9 will make the final decision in a way it feels is fair.
  18. All decisions of Life 101.9 are final and may not be contested.
  19. Participation in any contest is limited to those 18 years of age and over.
  20. Life 101.9 is not liable for any damages to or loss of prize caused by the Postal Service or other delivery service.
  21. A 1099 MISC form will be completed and filed with the Internal Revenue Service for each winner who over the course of the calendar has won prizes with a total value of $600 or more.  The person selected as winner must fill out and sign a W-9 form before any prize may be awarded.  All local, state and federal taxes are the sole responsibility of the winner.
  22. Contest rules may be edited or amended by Life 101.9 at any time at their sole discretion.  If rules are altered they will be posted online at the Life 101.9 website (www.life1019.com) and a new copy will be available at the Life 101.9 studios.
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