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Mornings with Kim and Adam

Weekdays and Sundays 6 - 10 am

Kim and Adam in the Morning…your new morning friends.  Start your day with a blend of hope filled music, laughs and words of encouragement.  Weekday mornings 6-10 a.m.…

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Kim Bindel

Weekdays - 6 - 10 am

I was born and raised in Santa Fe, N.M.  I was involved in theatre and singing.  Radio was not “my” original plan.  As a single mom I worked through college and was asked to be a guest on our university’s radio station.  It only took one time and I was hooked on radio and knew it was something I really wanted to do as a “hobby.”  I went…

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Adam Hannan

Weekdays - 6 - 10 am

Being a part of the Life 101.9 family is such a blessing!  I love music and having the opportunity to share stories, so this is a dream job for me.  But it’s more than just that.  I have personally been ministered to by Christian radio, and I know that God continues to use radio to encourage people and point people to Jesus.  I get really…

Jenn Pooler

Weekdays and Saturdays - 10 am - 2 pm

Just a good ole Kansas Girl at heart. I’m a big fan of coffee (any way it comes) or a good cup of tea. I love to laugh and make others laugh. Not afraid to talk to anyone, the phrase “never met a stranger” may describe me best. Let’s share our lives together.

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Rick Hall

Weekdays - 2 - 6 pm

Rick is an Orange County, CA native-turned Midwesterner. Though he was not born here in eastern Iowa, Rick is no stranger to the Midwest.  Even as a little boy growing up in suburban Chicago, Rick dreamed of being on the radio. After finishing school, Rick packed up his things and realized his love for radio, stopping in cities such…

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Logan Roush

Weekdays and Sundays 6 - 10 pm

Wisconsin born and Minnesota raised, I have an equal love for cheese and snowball fights. I knew I wanted to be in front of a microphone since I was a 7-year-old Joseph in the Christmas pageant, and when the play was over…I was still speaking into the mic. I’m a big soccer fan and 2018 graduate of the University of Northwestern in St. Paul.…

Lyle Krueger

Saturdays - 6 - 10 am

Think of me as Life 101.9’s seventh inning relief pitcher. I come in on the seventh day of the week to give the Monday through Friday crew a break, and I’ve been doing it for about 2,000 Saturdays. A career in a field totally different from radio keeps me busy during the week and people ask “why do you work Saturdays,…

Dave Dobes

Sundays - 2 - 6 pm

Dave has always had a love for radio, and grew up in Minneapolis with a passion for sports as well.  “I was going to be a sportscaster – there wasn’t any doubt” he says.  “I loved the idea of painting a picture of a game in motion.”   He recalls that by high school “I was doing football, basketball and baseball broadcasts, mainly within…

Matt Deane

Saturdays 6 - 10 pm

I was born and raised right outside Detroit, and have worked at radio stations in Michigan and Wisconsin before joining the team at Life 101.9. When I’m not enjoying uplifting music with you on the radio, I enjoy running, reading and a good cup of coffee. My wife Jenny and I have been married for almost 20 years, and we have 2 great girls,…

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Lyle Krueger

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