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Adam and April in the Morning

Weekdays 6 - 10 am

Join Adam and April each morning for hope, encouragement, fun, and maybe a little laughter too. Each weekday morning from 6am to 10am.

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Jenn Pooler

Weekdays and Saturdays - 10 am - 2 pm

Just a good ole Kansas Girl at heart. I’m a big fan of coffee (any way it comes) or a good cup of tea. I love to laugh and make others laugh. Not afraid to talk to anyone, the phrase “never met a stranger” may describe me best. Let’s share our lives together.

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David A Dein

Monday - Saturday 2 - 6 pm

I love going to the movies, taking long walks, and listening to podcasts.  Every afternoon while we listen to the songs together, share our lives together, and I relate all the stories of being a husband and father of twins I hope you are always reminded that you are loved by God.

Jeremy Nobles

Weekdays 6pm - 10pm and Sundays 6pm - 10pm

Hey, I'm Jeremy! I was originally born in Germany on an air force base. I’ve lived in the states for most of my life. I’m married to a wonderful woman who is a mental health therapist, and we have five beautiful talented children.

Lyle Krueger

Saturdays 6 - 10 am and Sundays 10 am - 2 pm

Think of me as Life 101.9's seventh inning relief pitcher. I come in on the seventh day of the week to give the Monday through Friday crew a break, and I've been doing it for about 2,000 Saturdays.

Whitley Shaffer

Saturdays - 6pm - 10pm

Hey! I’m Whitley the Underwriting Director at life 101.9. I moved to the Midwest from the South and am loving it but will always be a southern girl at heart. I am married to a worship pastor and love all things worship and music! I love people, cookies, my dog, and I hope to make a positive impact for the kingdom every day!

April Wilson

Weekdays and Sundays 6 - 10 am

I am so excited to be a part of the station because I have seen my life drastically change by finding a more personal relationship with God, in part, thanks to the positive and uplifting music on Life 101.9 and I hope to encourage someone else the way it has encouraged me.

Adam Hannan

Weekdays 6 - 10 am

I grew up in Minnesota, but my family and I have been in Iowa for almost five years now. My wife Christina and I have been getting into podcasting, and we host one called Forefront. We have four kids, and even though they’re growing up, I still love reading to them. As a family, we enjoy playing pickle ball together. US history is…

Alison Winterscheidt

Sundays 2pm - 6pm

I am an Iowa girl, born and raised in the Marshalltown area. I love all 4 season but FALL is my absolute favorite.  The colors, scents, and crisp air make my heart happy! I am married to an amazing man. I have 5 beautiful children and 6 amazing grandchildren.  Family is so incredibly important to me.  I’m not a competitive person but love…

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Whitley Shaffer

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It’s COLD outside!

Need to find a way to laugh about the cold Iowa weather? Take a watch to the video below for a joyful tune about the winter chills!


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Whitley Shaffer

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