Dave has always had a love for radio, and grew up in Minneapolis with a passion for sports as well.  “I was going to be a sportscaster – there wasn’t any doubt” he says.  “I loved the idea of painting a picture of a game in motion.”   He recalls that by high school “I was doing football, basketball and baseball broadcasts, mainly within the city.”  He adds “I even did a swim meet once!”

Dave’s other interest was simply wondering how things worked.  “I was taking things apart when I was still too young to be good at putting them back together again” he recalls.  “It drove my mom nuts!”  A later study of Engineering Technologies helped with the putting things back together problem.

The component missing in those early years, however, was a deeper relationship with God.  “Once He gave me a better understanding of who He was, what He truly desired for me and how I might best serve Him — landing at Life 101.9 was like coming home.”  “These days, I can look back and know that my professional journey has been a part of touching hearts and changing lives all over the state of Iowa, really.  Wow, what an awesome privilege!”