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Diamonds Lyrics

Here and now I’m in the fire, in above my head
Being held under the pressure, don’t know what will be left
But it’s here in the ashes
I’m finding treasure

He’s making diamonds
Making diamonds
He’s making diamonds out of dust
He is refining
And in his timing
He’s making diamonds out of us

I’ll surrender to the power of being crushed by love
‘Til the beauty that was hidden isn’t covered up
It’s not what I hoped for
It’s something much better

Oh The Joy of the Lord
It will be my strength
When the pressure is on
He’s making Diamonds

I won’t be afraid to shine
I won’t be afraid to shine
I won’t be afraid to shine

‘Cuz He’s making diamonds out of dust
Making diamonds out of us

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One story about "Diamonds"

  • Debra Fuqua says:

    I’m saved have been for many years. There is a heartache every way I turn problems with unsaved Family members,problems at Church, problems with my work not enough at the moment. I know God sees and knows all. I believe in His Timing, I will b a diamond fashioned by Gods hands. I feel like giving up sometimes, but I know that is the Devil trying to keep me from what God has for me. Hawk ur song is a great encouragement to me. To hang in with God and to know in His perfect timing and way HE will bring me into my destiny whatever that may b. I believe these heartaches in my life now are strengthening me. But at the moment I don’t feel wrong. I know I can’t walk by feeling I walk by Faith in God. Again I so very much appreciate ur song I love everything about it. Thank u Hawk. God bless u and ur Family.

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