Need You Now Video

One story about "Need You Now"

  • Cari Godwin-McClellan says:

    I was in such a bad domestic relationship that at one point my lungs were collapsing and I still wasn’t ‘allowed’ to get medical treatment. This went on for months until my body simply gave out. It was so bad and God helped me get out of it the pain and the domestic abuse (it’s been almost 8 years). When I hear this song, even if I am in a bad place it reminds me that God allowed me to keep breathing and to call upon him. I often cry through this song remembering the pain of where I was. But I breath well now and that is my testament that God wasn’t just with me then but he continues to be with me. I breath very well now and am even off all the meds they gave me to rebuild my lung strength. Thanks be to God!

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