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O Love Of God Lyrics

Oh love of God, strong and true

In my barren soul, a river running through

Oh love of God, swift and straight

You have washed away my sin and leave no trace

River, rise and carry me away


I see you in the stars above

I feel you in the earth below

In waves that swell

In winds that blow

I marvel at the mystery

That one so great could love someone like me

Undeserved and free

Oh love of God, Oh love of God


Oh love of God, wondrous to me

That this quivering soul was lost and found indeed

Oh love of God, my shield and stay

Will you turn me to the oceans of Your grace

River, rise and carry me away

: New Spring Publishing, Laura Stories (ASCAP) (adm worldwide New Spring Publishing) / Checkpointchicky Music (BMI), Seems Like Music (BMI) / Brownie Hawkeye Music, Seems Like Music (BMI) (both adm by Music Services)

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