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What Faith Can Do Lyrics

Everybody falls sometimes
Gotta find the strength to rise from the ashes and make a new beginning
Anyone can feel the ache, you think its more than you can take
But your stronger, stronger than you know

Don’t you give up now, the sun will soon be shining
You gotta face the clouds to find the silver lining

I’ve seen the dreams that move the mountains
Hope that doesn’t ever end even when the sky is falling
I’ve seen miracles just happen
Silent prayers get answered
Broken hearts become brand new
That’s what faith can do

It doesn’t matter what you’ve heard
Impossible is not a word its just a reason for someone not to try
Everybody’s scared to death
When they decide to take that step out on the water, but it will be alright

Life is so much more than what your eyes are seeing
You will find your way if you keep believing

Overcome the odds you don’t have the chance
When the world says you can’t
It will tell you that you can

Even if you fall sometimes you will have the strength to rise

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2 stories about "What Faith Can Do"

  • Robert Byersdorfer says:

    This song has been a personal inspiration for our special needs grandson who was born with campomelic dysplasia. He has overcome many challenges and continues to be an example of faith, love, and determination to all who know him. I have always nicknamed this song “Braden’s Theme.” Braden is doing quite well now at age 6. He joins his brothers in most all activities, also can hold a conversation with anyone, and is a very happy boy with a great sense of humor. Handles his power chair like a NASCAR driver. Proud Grandpa and Grandma here.

  • godgives133 says:

    thank you so much 4 this song it helped me so much

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