He’s home

It’s with somber but grateful hearts that we mourn Billy Graham and remember his legacy…

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Family fun night

In the last days of winter, cabin fever is setting in around Eastern Iowa. A few new ideas for fun will make the rest of winter a little easier.



You are awesome!

God made you, and you are awesome! You are cherished, you are loved, you are adored! Maybe you know someone you can share this with who needs to be reminded that they, too, are awesome!  …


Amazing story: teacher adopts student

Chelsea is a 4th grade teacher.  She had one student in her class that was so rowdy, she didn’t know what to do and almost quit teaching. One night, she was dreaming and felt like God spoke right to her, telling her to be Jerome’s mother.  She woke up and actually laughed out loud, thinking that idea was ridiculous. …


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Heavenly father , I ask you in the name of Jesus to release a financial miracle in my life and in my ministry nowadays .. I ask you God to recommend your...

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Struggling after divorce

I've never asked for prayers like this before, but I've been struggling so much since my husband decided to leave our marriage of 22 years. There was no...

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Please please i believe in prayer. Everyone who can, please pray for us... The devil is trying so hard to destroy us in pour marriage, in our finances, in my...

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