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Never give up

You never know whose life you may have an impact on.  Pro-wrestler John Cena has a catchphrase. “Never Give Up!” Recently he was taken into a room where he was handed cards.  Fans were sharing with him how he inspired them to overcome obstacles.  While he read each story, he didn’t know that his fans were…



Mom song

Your kids are heading off to their first day of school, and Mom, you’re working HARD to get them ready! Here’s an anthem just for you….…


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Hope for grieving parents

A coworker's son died and needed help through the grieving process. She was distraught & I prayed with her to trust the Lord for love & guidance. Keep them...

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I have had a lot of attacks from the devil recently, including being sexually harassed. I would like some prayer that I can get over this and just have...

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I pray that God would send some people into my life that I connect with both spiritually and hobby wise. I flowerbed...

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Please pray for my school! I have to take a pre test for a class and if I don't pass, I can't take it and it's very important to me that I pass. I get 3...

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Resolving conflicts in marriage

To resolve conflicts in our marriage, we have to be willing to move past destructive behaviors and learn how to communicate in a fair and God-honoring way.


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