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Learning to trust

In theory, saying we trust God is easy. In real life, though, trusting God with everything can be a challenge.


Road trip fun

If you have kids, keeping everyone occupied during a long day of travel can be a challenge.


Just one word

Have you ever wanted to journal?  Write out prayers and thoughts?  But just struggle with being consistent or finding the time.  I know the last thing we all need in our busy world is one more thing to do.  But if you’re like me, you want to journal but always struggle. Recently a friend gave me a new journal and said to just…


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My Marriage

My husband of 25 yrs has given in to sin and started seeing his also married secretary whom has broken up atleast three marriages before and moved from out...

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Hard Times

My husband has not worked in over a year now. He has had 3 back surgeries and came out of the 2nd one worse then when he went in. We are waiting for...

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My husband has been without a job since February. He has had six very promising job interviews where he has been 1 of the 3 top candidates, and every door has...

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What you focus on while you wait will determine what the season looks like for you.



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