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Nominate someone you know who could use a Christmas Wish!…

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What to watch?

The other day I was wanting to watch a TV show in a little bit of downtime I had. I like to pick a series and watch episodes here and there when I find some time.  But I found myself scrolling through the many shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc. and not having a clue what would be good to watch that I would enjoy.  Then I remembered I’ve…



Can I borrow your boat?

If you’re like me, you wish that Jesus would explain his plans for you in detail so you know where he’s leading.  But he rarely does that.  Instead, he just says, “Trust me.” If you can relate, here’s some encouragement for you…. Can I borrow your boat…


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Tenth Avenue North

December 8, 2018

Life 101.9 welcomes Tenth Avenue North, Love & the Outcome, and Land of Color to the Paramount Theatre in Cedar Rapids on Saturday, December 8. Experience a Christmas concert…

Paramount Theatre
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Family falling apart

So I want to start by thanking everyone that reads the prayers on here . I have to say I have never done anything like this before and I am not sure if I will...

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Please pray for my daughter

My daughter is 38 years old and struggles with anorexia . She weighs about 90 pound she appears to eat healthy but I believe she is using laxatives to keep...

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Cancer diagnosis

Waiting on more tests to determine what type of cancer I have. I'm asking for prayers that whatever type it is it will be treatable if not curable, that the...

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Releasing our fears to God

By naming our fears and releasing them to God, they will no longer have the power to control our lives.


Why we need to stand out for Christ

Sometimes we conform to the patterns of this world in ways we don’t even realize. Collin Hansen explains why it’s important for Christians to be both odd and accessible.

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