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What to watch?

The other day I was wanting to watch a TV show in a little bit of downtime I had. I like to pick a series and watch episodes here and there when I find some time.  But I found myself scrolling through the many shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc. and not having a clue what would be good to watch that I would enjoy.  Then I remembered I’ve…



Can I borrow your boat?

If you’re like me, you wish that Jesus would explain his plans for you in detail so you know where he’s leading.  But he rarely does that.  Instead, he just says, “Trust me.” If you can relate, here’s some encouragement for you…. Can I borrow your boat…


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Job Situation

My son Craig, was supposed to have a job in the military reserves, but through a turn of events, it looks like it has fallen through. So he doesn't have a job...

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Prayers needed

"Hi I need prayer to completely defeat lust in my life and the after affects, it has been a source of many of my problems, thank you very much for your...

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Pray for my residents

Please pray for my dying residents at the retirement home I work at. They have been sick for a long time and are barely eating anything. Their families are...

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The importance of mentoring others

As we take another person under our wing and mentor them along their journey, they will learn how to live an honorable life that is pleasing to Christ.


What is your next step of faith?

By stepping out in faith and taking the next right step, we can go places with God than we could ever ask or imagine.  

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The goodness of God

Becoming physically strong requires us to regularly use our muscles. In the same way, becoming mentally strong requires us to develop regular, healthy habits of thought. Dr. Linda Mintle says mentally strong people share some important characteristics.  “Mentally strong people don’t feel sorry for themselves.…



Do I have to earn God’s love?

To some degree, everybody grows up in a world where love is conditional. I think we have a hard time not projecting that onto God as if He can’t be any different.



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