1. Beautiful Offering 4:32
  2. My Story 4:39
  3. I Belong To God 4:22
  4. Come Sit Down 5:35
  5. The Lion and The Lamb 5:06
  6. Heaven Is Here 4:21
  7. It's Already Done 4:02
  8. I Will Go 3:34
  9. Praise You 4:15
  10. Glory Unspeakable 3:34
  11. You're Gonna Love Him 4:26
  12. Digital Booklet: Beautiful Offerings 0:00

My Story

Big Daddy Weave

One story about "My Story"

  • Karen says:

    My Mom passed away on Christmas night 2016 and, like most families we put together photos and a slideshow for her funeral. I drive over an hour to work and back and I frequently hear this song. As I listened to the words, I realized this is what I would want others to hear at my funeral. No photos of me; just this song. My story.

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